Security Consulting/Intelligence

Scott Biondo Consulting provides ACTIONABLE INFORMATION and REAL LIFE SOLUTIONS. Specific Areas of focus include:


Security Vulnerability Assessments

We can provide a review of your company’s security posture at your Corporate Headquarters, plants and sales offices worldwide. We incorporate the same assessment methodology in use by the United States Government to protect critical infrastructure.

Policy and Procedure Review

Reviewing security policy and procedure to ensure that it is effective, efficient and real world functional.


At SBC we provide training on critical topics such as Active Shooter Response, Travel Security and Kidnapping Avoidance.


Due Diligence/Merger Acquisition Investigations

In the event a business is considering a merger, acquisition or joint venture, conducting a background on those entities involved should be considered. SBC can provide actionable information to assist you in making informed decisions. It is our belief that an entity should be told that this investigation will take place and that their cooperation be enlisted.

Breach of Contract or Non-Competitive Agreement cases.

Protecting proprietary information and ensuring company stability is a duty. When an employee or former employee threaten that stability we take action.

TSCM (Commonly known as Debugging)

It is often necessary for a business or individual to take steps to protect confidential information, research and development or merger acquisition information. One component of protecting this type of information is the TSCM survey. At the SBC our trained personnel provide protection from electronic eavesdropping devices by performing a thorough visual, electronic, and physical examination in and about the surveyed facility