Protective Services

The Scott Biondo Consulting has provided Executive Protection services in the United States and over 50 Foreign Nations.
Who are we protecting?
Clients come from all walks of life but have one thing in common. Circumstances have placed them in a Colin Powell New York situation where the need for personal protection is very real. These persons may be the obvious, High profile Executive or Dignitary, a member of the Royal Family of any country, a Celebrity, a person of high net worth and others. Sometimes persons not normally associated with a high profile lifestyle require personal protection. One example of this would be the Human Resources Manager who has terminated a highly volatile employee.
What are we protecting them from?
The range of threats can include all of the following:
• Assassination
• Street Crime
• Kidnapping
• Workplace Violence/Hostile Terminations
• Targeting by Extremists
• Embarrassment
• Injury or Medical Emergency
These threats do not all present themselves at the same time nor do they all apply to every protectee. They do however represent a sampling of the challenges that face protecting an individual.