Scott Biondo Consulting has provided effective Investigative and Security Solutions to business and government for over 30 years. Mr. Biondo is a recognized industry expert in conducting Security Vulnerability Assessments specializing in Critical Infrastructure. SBC has provided these services in the following sectors, Commercial Facilities Sector, Communications Sector, Critical Manufacturing Sector, Energy Sector, Food and Agriculture Sector, Healthcare and Public Health Sector, Transportation Systems Sectors, Nuclear Reactors, Materials and Waste Sectors and Water and Wastewater Systems.

We have also provided Executive Protection/Close Protection services to Corporate Executives, Government Dignitaries and High Net Worth Families in over 50 Countries and throughout the United States. Currently Protection Teams are maintained in Mexico, Brazil and Southeast Asia. Mr. Biondo is a member of the North American Bodyguard Association.

SBC Associates are seasoned professionals with a vast array of specific skill sets. Mr. Biondo’s former private sector positions include Director, Security in the Healthcare and Hospitality industries and Public Sector positions as Police Officer, Detective, and Detective Sergeant.

Scott Biondo is one of a select group of individuals who have attended the Missouri State Highway Patrol Executive Protection School. He has completed numerous protective operations schools.

Scott Biondo is a Law Enforcement Training Center graduate and has received specialized training from Federal Agencies to include:

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